Breaking In your Engine

The break-in period for your new engine will last 4 tanks which is approximately two gallons. During this time, you should keep your rpm’s low and the length of ride time to a minimum. If your new bicycle engine is being fired for the first time, start the engine and allow it to idle for a couple of minutes and then cool back down before taking your first powered trip. Optimally your riding habits during break-in would look like short trips no longer than 10 minutes with speeds no greater than 15mph for a 44 tooth drive sprocket and 20 mph for a 36 tooth drive sprocket. Allow the engine to become cool to the touch between each ride (approximately 20 minutes). While the rings and bearings are initially seating, fuel mileage can be as low as 50-80 miles per gallon.

After the break-in remember that these air cooled 2 strokes receive lubrication from the oil which is mixed into the gas. Extremely long trips in hot weather or extended idling times in traffic reduce the lubricating ability of the 2 stroke oil to protect the cylinder wall from friction due to thermal break down which could result in piston seizure.


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