How to Re-assemble the Rear End of a Gas Trike After Shipping

Starting with the entire rear trike end:

Slide the rear trike tabs into the dropouts on the bicycle frame.

The small carriage bolts go through the dropouts where the axle would go on a bicycle and through the last square hole on the trike rear end assembly.

The threads of the carriage bolts should face outward and the heads in. If they are ground off halfway the grind should face forward.

The longer carriage bolts go directly in front of the shorter carriage bolts and through the hole in the gusset in front of the frame dropout.

Leave the carriage bolts loose until the final assembly and tightening.

The trike coaster hub will slide into the slots on the rear trike assembly tabs.

The pedal chain should go around the trike hub as well as the drive chain from the motor.

Install the right side rear wheel with the spacer on the inside and washer on the outside.

Tighten to proper bearing tension – snug but not tight.

Pull hub back all the way and install the smallest chain.

Position the trike coaster hub until all chains have relatively the same tension.

Tighten coaster hub bolts.

Snug but do not tighten the forward trike assembly bolts.

Check chain tension between all chains during all phases of this process. Always…always…always keep checking the chain tension.

If needed move trike assembly up and down in the dropouts to further adjust chain tension ensuring all chains have equal tension.

Snug but do not tighten rear bolts on the trike assembly.

In very small increments, tighten all bolts equally watching as you tighten for all chain tension to be equal.

Make sure that the chain tension does not change during the entire tightening process. Make sure all bolts are fully tightened and seated.

Do a final check of all chain tensions.

Ensure that all chains except for the drive chain are perfectly in line.

The drive chain should have a slight offset and the chain tensioner should match the offset of the drive chain.

Small adjustments to all chain tensions can be made on the hub at this stage but any major difference in chain tension will require loosening and tightening of the trike hub assembly bolts as detailed above.

In other words, if you didn’t get it right you have to start all over again.

Ensure that the coaster brake arm lines up with the tab on the frame and tighten coaster brake.

Install the left trike wheel if you haven’t done so already and tighten to approximate proper bearing tension.

If you have made it this far and still have all of your wrenches you can attach your basket now.

Enjoy your trike!


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