Motorized Bicycles and the Law

Help us help you!  What are the laws in your state?

Please provide links to state laws and any interpretations of them that you come across.  You will likely find that motorized bicycles fall into a grey area that lacks any sort of definition.  You will find lots on bicycles, mopeds and scooters, however.

When you call your local DMV for clarification make sure to ask about Motorized Bicycles only.  They will probably try to call it a moped or scooter which our bicycles are not.  I cannot stress the importance of this distinction enough.  Spooky Tooth Cycles made that distinction in the State of Arizona and changed the laws to reflect this.  Thanks to Roland and Spooky Tooth Cycles you can ride a motorized bicycle in Arizona without license, registration, or insurance.

Some Places to Get Started:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Links to Motor Vehicle Laws by State

Since I haven’t the time to look all this stuff up myself, I will double check what you find and compile it into an easy-to-browse format.




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